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     Acne Care

     One of the most dreaded skin concerns of teenagers and adults alike, acne can lower one's self-esteem, raise one's self-consciousness, and with time disfigure one's face.  Almost everyone seeking treatment for acne has already tried half-a-dozen or so options ranging from over-the-counter ointments to prescription medication and has been left disappointed.  The problem is not that these products don't work, rather it's that they aren't well-suited to treating the cause of your particular form of acne.

What causes acne?

     It is difficult to give such a simple question a simple answer because the exact cause of acne is unknown and the factors that trigger and/or precipitate an outbreak are many and varied.  Anything from hormonal changes, poor diet, and improper hygiene to stress and lack-of-sleep can contribute to the formation, enhance the severity, and prolong the lifespan of acne lesions on the face and body.  With that said, almost all acne shares a few key characteristics.






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