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Welcome to the official website of ChemLife Cosmeceuticals, the home and sole authentic source of the original Neuropeptide skincare topicals that revolutionized the cosmeceutical industry. We are a leader in the research and investigation of peptides and other organic and biologically active compounds for their therapeutic benefits and ameliorative potential.

     We are experts in the fields of protein and peptide biochemistry and we, as research scientists, have been unlocking the secrets of these and other biologically active compounds for over twenty years.  Applying our knowledge of such compounds, we specialize in formulating alleviative and restorative topical and oral treatments.

    Most recently, we have set out to produce and market the next generation of cosmeceutical therapeutics in a product line devoted to skin care and overall health.  Our research-based products feature the proprietary Neuropeptide technology that was developed by us and is available elsewhere only when supplied directly by ChemLife.  It is this fact that separates us from others as it allows us to provide you with products that deliver unmatched benefits in aging prevention, aging reversal, and acne care--products that were previously unaffordable for most consumers--at prices that are reasonable.

     Along with offering the highest-end and most advanced products on the market, we hope to educate the public on some of the basics of biomedical science so that you can make more informed decisions when it comes to taking care of your skin and maintaining your youthfulness.

     In 1998, Dr. Badamchian founded ChemLife in order to extend her more than 25 years of research experience in aging, immunology, and wound healing to the science of skin care.  In doing so, she developed advanced anti-aging peptides and a skin delivery complex for topical application.  Dr. Badamchian is the discoverer, developer, and sole authentic source for these therapeutically effective ingredients called Neuropeptides for use in topical treatments. 

About the Scientist

     Mahnaz Badamchian, Ph.D., the founder and CEO of ChemLife Cosmeceuticals LLC, worked as a research professor in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The George Washington University Medical Center for over 20 years.  As an internationally recognized expert in the areas of thymosins, aging, peptide and protein chemistry, Dr. Badamchian has been an invited speaker in numerous national and international meetings on aging, immunology, wound healing, and skin cancer as well as the principal inventor of several patents in the US, Canada, and Japan.   

     Dr. Badamchian is also the winner of the prestigious Kharazmi International Award for excellence in research as well as the recipient of the Professional Working Woman of the Year Award.  Having received numerous funding grants from government and pharmaceutical companies for advanced studies in aging, immunology, and cancer, Dr. Badamchian has over 60 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals and has served as consultant to the Medical Devices Advisory Committee of the FDA for the past 10 years.    


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