In our time spent formulating products and supplying actives to other cosmeceutical companies, we have learned that the consumer typically does not have a strong grounding in terms like polypeptide and amino acid.  Unfortunately, we also learned that many of the companies marketing our products didn't know what these words meant either.  To alleviate some of the confusion, we would like to briefly and simply define some important terms while simultaneously giving you the information you need to understand how our products work.    

What are peptides?

     Proteins and peptides are chains of amino acids that carry out or are involved in just about every function in our cells.  The only difference between the two is that proteins are large enough to fold up into the complex 3D structure needed in order to catalyze or drive the biochemical reactions in our bodies whereas peptides are smaller and have limited 3D shape.  Most peptides, therefore, do not directly carry out reactions but function in cellular signaling to instruct our cells which specific pathways should be activated and which specific goals should be accomplished.

     A key point of all this is that it is the sequence, or specific order, of amino acids that determines the function of proteins and peptides and this sequence is the very information that is encoded in your DNA. 

Note: The amino acids are just the building blocks you obtain from protein in your diet, not the effectors. So long as one is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, no product containing amino acids or even a "special blend" of amino acids will have any real effect on your skin or health.  Also, food supplement products claiming to contain anti-aging peptides that are to be ingested also have no chance of helping you any more than does a slice of bread or a piece of cheese.  After passing through the digestive track and being exposed to all the degradative enzymes therein, the peptides in the supplement will be broken down into the plain old amino acids found in practically any food you already eat. 

What are Neuropeptides?

     As the name suggests, Neuropeptides are peptides that have specialized functions in neural tissue.  The Neuropeptides in our products were discovered to have additional localization in the connective tissue that makes up our skin.  They work as a part of the vast communication system that exists between cells in order for them to work together as a cohesive unit.  Unfortunately, for reasons that are not yet fully understood, the activity of this signaling network wanes as we age.  By delivering these exogenous Neuropeptides through the full thickness of skin, however, it is possible to reconnect this network and deliver a message to your cells that elicits a powerful response.

What can be expected from using topical Neuropeptide products?

     Our unique Neuropeptide products are intensive treatments to be used for expedited results for people with serious skincare concerns.  They work by rejuvenating skin from the cells up and thus are able to bring about improvements that are not achievable through ordinary products on the market.  Their interactions with your skin cells induce an increase in overall cellular functioning that leads to an increase in the thickness, elasticity, resiliency, and conformity of the delicate skin on the face and around the eyes.  It is, essentially, a direct reversal of aging as your skin is returned to a more youthful state by directly combating a major mechanism of aging.  

Available for the first time ever

     For the first time, customers can have access to the most advanced, cutting-edge anti-aging science direct from the source at prices far lower than any competitor can offer.  After all, if a product features genuine Neuropeptide ingredients, they are being supplied by us.  The products featured on this site include the original topical therapeutics formulated by Dr. Badamchian herself to deliver her Neuropeptide ingredients with the highest degree of efficacy.


Neuropeptides Available from ChemLife


Trade Name




Anti-aging, stimulates immune system, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, skin thickener, skin firming, skin toner, skin glow, anti-scarring, antioxidant, skin protectant.


Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, skin conditioning, skin protectant, anti-wrinkle.         


Anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, skin firming, anti-aging, skin protectant, skin conditioning.          


Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin thickening, skin firming


Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, skin thickening, skin firming, stimulates microcirculation, stimulates lymphatic circulation, stimulates skin elasticity, humectant.                


Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, stimulates collagen formation, inhibits elastin degradation, restores collagen conformation, skin toner.


Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, skin toner/glow, skin firmer, skin Thickener, pheromone-like activity, wound healing.


Anti-acne agent, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning, sebum regulator, wound healing, anti-scarring, humectant.



Anti-inflammatory, hair follicle stimulator, premature hair loss prevention, enhances the integrity of hair growth, skin protectant, skin conditioner.



Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin protectant, skin conditioning, skin firming, skin thickener.



Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, skin regeneration and wound healing, growth factor stimulator



Anti-inflammatory, anti-pigmentation (inhibits melanin production and melanocyte proliferation), stimulates collagen synthesis and cellular turnover, skin protectant and conditioner.


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